Date: 2016-11-03 19:23
From: Buffalo Field Campaign

**Update from the Field:
9 Wild Bison Killed Near West Yellowstone
** ]

Wild bison frolick.” “”Photo by Stephany Seay/BFC. ”

[ ]
*”Welcomed” with Gunshots in Montana, Wild Bison Retreat to Yellowstone
* [ ]

Within two days of our last Update from the Field, nine buffalo were shot and killed on their newly gained year-round habitat between Horse Butte and the western boundary of Yellowstone National Park.  [ ] Read More »

[ ]
*Wild ‘N Free Gala for the Buffalo: Oh What a Night!* [ ]

Wild’nFree, Redshoes Studios, and Buffalo Field Campaign celebrated our second art gala for the buffalo in Boulder, Colorado on October 22nd. The gorgeous Rembrandt Yard hosted our most successful event and… Read More » [ ]

[ ]
*2016 West Coast Roadshow Recap and Thank You!
* [ ]

A special thanks to all the beautiful people who made BFC’s 2016 West coast road show so successful. First off, to Mignon Geli who melted everyone’s heart with her flute…  Thanks to » [ ]

[ ]
*Buffalo in the News:*
*BFC Director Dan Brister Interviewed on KGNU * [ ]*
* [ ]Buffalo Field Campaign Director Buffalo Field Campaign was interviewed on KGNU Community Radio in Boulder, CO

*BFC Featured on Truthout: Yellowstone’s Buffalo Battle* [ ]
In Depth article on Yellowstone bison by Michelle McCarron
[ ]
Listen Now » [ ]

[ ]
*Montanans, Vote Yes on I-177 this Election!* [ ]

Buffalo Field Campaign urges Montana residents to vote Yes on I-177, prohibiting commercial and recreational trapping on public lands. Read More » [ ]

[ ]
*Come Stand with the Buffalo! **BFC Field Volunteers Needed* [ ]

Have you ever wanted to see Yellowstone in winter, dreamed about looking into the eyes of a wild buffalo, or have a hunger to protect our national mammal?  Dates & Info » [ ]


The year the Montana legislature passed 81-2-10, the law giving the Montana Department of Livestock management authority over America’s last wild bison. BFC is working to overturn this blatant conflict of interest and return bison management to wildlife professionals.

For full statistics on the number of buffalo affected by management
actions this year, please see BFC’s up-to-date tally, HERE [ ].


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