Monarchs on the brink of extinction

Date: 2016-04-16 07:26
From: “Lisa Archer, Friends of the Earth”

Dear Peoplesbarknews reader,

Monarch butterflies are in danger of extinction. Why? Because glyphosate (aka Monsanto’s Roundup®) — the most widely used herbicide in the world — is wiping out milkweed, which monarchs rely on for food!

A recent study by the UN says that 40 percent of pollinator species, including monarchs, are on the brink of extinction. Meanwhile, Monsanto keeps trying to add new toxic products to our food system. The latest addition is its “Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®” technology — seeds designed to withstand even more massive applications of pesticides.

At Friends of the Earth, we’re working to eliminate toxic pesticides like Roundup® from our food system — but we need your help!

Don’t let Monsanto wipe out the monarchs: Give $15 to Friends of the Earth today! [ ]

Monsanto is doing everything it can to try to convince our regulators not to do anything about Roundup®. It’s pulling out slick PR tactics to appear concerned and “help” address the problem. It’s contributing millions of dollars in grants to support false solutions to monarch decline. And it even filed a lawsuit against California to stop the state from adding glyphosate to its list of known carcinogens!

The good news is, people like you are fighting back. The FDA finally responded to public outcry and a condemnation from the Government Accountability Office and announced that it will start testing for Roundup® in our food.

This is an important step forward. Testing for Roundup® will shine a light on the rampant overuse of pesticides in our food system. And that’s the first step to getting these toxic chemicals out of our food for good.

But it’s not all good news. While the FDA has made progress, the USDA is still dragging its feet on testing for and regulating Roundup®. Already, nearly 50,000 people like you have signed a petition demanding that the USDA get its act together. Now, we need your help to keep the pressure on!

Give $15 to Friends of the Earth and help push the USDA to test for monarch-killing pesticides
in our food! [ ]

In the past 19 years, glyphosate use in U.S. agriculture has increased 20-fold. So clearly, Monsanto has a big interest in preventing the USDA from acting. After all, Monsanto rakes in $5 billion every year in profits.

Monsanto may have lots of money to lobby with. But I know that if you and I keep the pressure on, we can make the USDA put our health and environment ahead of Monsanto’s profits.

And I know we can win this. Just last week, after public pressure and input from scientists,
France announced that it will ban some glyphosate weed killers. If France can make progress in getting glyphosate out of its food system, we can too!

Monsanto’s glyphosate is harming our environment and the very ecosystems we depend on for producing the food we need sustainably. We know that our chemical-intensive,
corporate-controlled agricultural system is failing. The USDA has the opportunity to
prevent Roundup® from doing any more damage, but it has to act now!

Give $15 to Friends of the Earth and help save monarchs — before it’s too late! [ ]

Standing with you,

Lisa Archer,

Food and technology program director,
Friends of the Earth


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