Date: 2016-03-17 14:16
From: “Katy Griffith Boswell,
USAction” <>


The House of Representatives will spend much of this month discussing how our country spends money and where the revenue comes from. Being fiscally responsible means being willing to talk about the elephant in the room – Pentagon spending. While many in Congress don’t want to talk about Pentagon spending, we do.

The People’s Budget – a budget plan introduced by the Congressional Progressive Caucus – calls for an audit of the Pentagon, which is the only federal agency that escapes accounting scrutiny. It would shift defense spending from outdated systems (which accounts for billions spent only because of lobbying by Pentagon contractors) to meeting modern security threats.

*Sign the petition to Congress [ ]**: The People’s Budget is right for my family and right for working families across America. I urge you to support it today.* [ ]

America’s path to peace and security depends on peace and security around the world, and the People’s Budget would increase spending on sustainable development, humanitarian assistance, and diplomacy. Congress will vote on the People’s Budget on Monday – please sign the petition today! [ ]

Please see the email my colleague sent below to join the call for a People’s Budget – one that values our priorities.

Katy Griffith Boswell
Dear pbnb reader,

The presidential primaries have revealed the public’s thirst for big, bold ideas to address stagnant wages and hopes. For a detailed vision of what the federal government could do to actually address the big challenges we face, one need look no further than the People’s Budget, released last week by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The People’s Budget is a comprehensive agenda of big and not-so-big ideas, which together form a powerful, coherent program for an economy and government that works for all Americans, not just the wealthy.

The People’s Budget would make major investments in creating good jobs, educating our children, stopping the disruption of our climate, changing the priorities in Pentagon spending, and restoring our democracy. It would pay for these and other public goods by turning our upside-down tax system right side up. In doing so, it would actually cut the federal budget deficit.

Sign the petition to Congress: The People’s Budget is right for my family and right for working families across America.I urge you to support it today.   [ ]

A core premise of the People’s Budget is that every American who wants to work should have a good job that allows them to care for and support their family. The budget aims to reach full employment and makes a $1 trillion investment in infrastructure in addition to financing for clean and renewable energy. It would also make essential investments in families, like universal pre-K, funding for every child eligible for Head Start, and building more affordable housing.

In addition to boosting wages through full employment, the People’s Budget calls for raising the minimum wage and the overtime threshold so companies can no longer avoid paying overtime to millions of workers. It would help working people care for loved ones and for themselves by guaranteeing paid sick days and by assisting states that establish insurance funds for paid family leave.

Click here to become a citizen co-sponsor of the People’s Budget and we will deliver your signatures to Congress in support of a plan that puts working families first. [ ]

Thanks for all you do,

Sarah Chaisson Warner

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