The crisis in Flint

Date: 2016-03-14 14:33
From: “Martin Heinrich ”

pbnb reader,

Right now, the people of Flint, Michigan are in the midst of a severe water crisis. Their water supply is contaminated with poisonous lead and other harmful chemicals that are causing tragic health affects for the people of Flint.

What is happening in Flint is nothing short of a disaster, and senators from both sides of the aisle have come together to provide critical funds to help repair Flint’s water infrastructure and other water projects nationwide to prevent this same crisis from happening in other cities.

Shockingly, a lone Republican senator, Mike Lee of Utah, is quietly blocking this bipartisan bill to provide aid to Flint. Well, it is time to make some noise and demand that Senator Lee does the right thing and help provide relief to the people of Flint.

Click here to sign the petition and call on Senator Lee to stop blocking this crucial aid for Flint! (

As senators, we have a duty to help the American people, and it is appalling to see Senator Lee holding this bill hostage.

Whenever there has been a disaster, natural or man-made, Congress has been there to provide much needed federal aid. And this time should be no different.

The health concerns for the people of Flint are far more important than political games and ideology. That’s why the Senate has come together to send relief, but unfortunately, it seems Senator Lee did not get the message.

Let’s make our voices loud and clear that we want Senator Lee to do the right thing. Add your name right away and demand that relief is sent to Flint! (

Thank you for standing with me,


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