How the Kochs and the Rich Buy Elections

Date: 2016-03-11 10:07
From: The Real News Network <>

If you watched Wednesday’s Democratic debate, you likely caught Bernie Sanders’s statement about the Koch brothers’ influence on politics:

“…if we stand up to the fossil fuel industry, and transform our energy system away from coal and oil and gas to energy efficiency and wind and solar and geothermal and other sustainable technologies, you know what happens to that Republican who listens to the scientists? On that day, that Republican loses his campaign funding from the Koch brothers and the fossil fuel industry.”

Despite this kind of national exposure, still too few people know about the Koch brothers and their efforts to buy the White House. Fewer understand the reasons why.

The Kochs control one to two million acres of tar sands in Canada, worth tens of billions of dollars. Climate scientists say the sands will release up to 240 billion tons of carbon if developed.

President Obama vetoed the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline in 2015 and helping a pro-pipeline Republican get elected president is simply a business strategy to the Kochs.

Several months ago, investigative journalist Bruce Livesey produced a documentary about the Koch brothers. However, just before it was set to air, executives at Global News pulled it from their broadcast schedule and fired Livesey. With no funding or outlet for his story and no access to his footage, he is forced to start from scratch.

We want to help Bruce unmask Koch Industries’ practices but we need your support. Our viewers are some of the most informed people out there, which is why we’re asking you to help us make this film. Together we can spread the word to people who may otherwise never learn of the Koch brothers’ practices.

Please take a moment to watch Bruce’s video promo and help us fund the documentary the Koch brothers don’t want you to see:


The Real News Network

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