Building Bridges: Protecting Reproductive Rights;
“Ain’t I a Woman” ; Medicare for All

Date: 2016-03-06 12:23
From: ken nash

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Women Don’t Intend To Fall Into Any More Of Your TRAPs with Andrew Beck, attorney,
ACLU Reproductive Rights Project *

Last week women fought to climb out of another TRAP dug for them on their long road
for reproductive health and the control of their bodies. The deepest of TRAPs (Targeted
Regulation of Abortion Providers), laws that are cloaked in the deceptive language of
women’s health, but which actually put women at risk, by shutting down health centers
where women can get safe and legal abortions was just argued at the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court case was the most important abortion case in decades. Inside the court, the justices asked how the law, HB2, will actually “help” Texas women. Meanwhile, outside advocates gathered to demonstrate their support for abortion access, for every woman in every state.

Shifts in the power structure of Congress have led to promises to strip away access to
reproductive health care, especially abortion.  Laws that make it difficult if not impossible
for a woman to get an abortion if she needs one, particularly if she is poor, are increasing
at an alarming pace.

At this critical time, we’ll reveal whose behind the TRAPs, what we can expect from the Supreme Court in the wake of this latest anti-abortion case, and most importantly on protecting access to affordable contraception, protecting a woman’s ability to make personal, private decisions about pregnancy and abortion, and fighting pregnancy   discrimination.

* “Ain’t I a Woman” featuring critically acclaimed actress Vinnie Burrows*

In the town of Akron, Ohio in the year 1851, an African American woman delivered a moving speech at the Women’s Convention that would be remembered for its rawness, authenticity, and powerful message and holds as much relevance today as it did then. Sojourner Truth spoke to the Women’s Convention about her experiences and tribulations as not only a woman in that day’s society but as a Black woman.

She established a sense of identity as a victim of discrimination by describing how she faced prejudices as a Black person and as a woman in order to incite an emotional response in her audience and invited her audience, mostly women suffering from their own forms of discrimination, to realize the injustices of which they too are victims.


*Medicare for All, A Better Prescription for a Health Care Solution with Richard Gottfried,
Chair NYS Assembly Health Committee*

Bernie Sanders is at the forefront over a national debate on improving our health care system, with his proposal for a “single payer” structure shorthand for “Medicare for All”.

Meanwhile, in NYS, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried‘s single payer legislation has  passed the Assembly, with wide support from organized labor as well as multiple community advocacy and healthcare professional organizations.  While discontent arises under Obamacare, as insurance companies increase our out-of-pocket expenses the Gottfried plan would provide a comprehensive universal insurance program for all NYers, without deductibles, co-pays and would eliminate restrictive provider networks. Gottfried’s plan would begin a march to “Medicare for All” nationwide, the same state by state way the Canadians began their successful single payer system.

“Health care reform has done a lot of good, but it still leaves us in the hands of insurance
companies.  Single Payer would save the billions of dollars that we now spend on insurance company administrative costs  …  You and your doctor would work to keep you healthy. New York Health would pay the bill with funding from broad-based revenue based on ability to pay”.


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