The turtles were here first. Sign to protect them.

Date: 2016-02-23 15:15
From: “Chris B., Care2 Action Alerts” <>

Deepening Savannah’s harbor is killing endangered sea turtles.

pbnb reader,

It’s been a bad year for the imperiled turtles near Georgia’s Savannah Harbor.

Since January 1, a green sea turtle, a loggerhead sea turtle and a leatherback sea turtle have all been killed as the US Army Corps of Engineers works to deepen Savannah Harbor. Each species is imperiled, protected under federal law and  “apparently” no reason in the minds of federal officials to slow the project.

The Savannah Harbor deepening is killing imperiled sea turtles. Urge federal officials to suspend the project until these increasingly rare creatures can be protected.

Sea turtles are some of the most ancient creatures on earth. For millions of years, they’ve made their way across oceans, playing an important role in balanced marine ecosystems. But sea turtle numbers have plummeted, with nearly all of the world’s sea turtles now classified as endangered or threatened with extinction in the wild.

The scientists at the prestigious International Union for Conservation of Nature have identified coastal development as one of the five major threats pushing sea turtles to extinction. So why aren’t federal officials taking the Savannah Harbor turtle deaths more seriously?

Lynn Hamilton, a nature lover and dedicated Care2 member, has started a new petition to the US Army Corps of Engineers urging the Corps to suspend harbor deepening until the threat to sea turtles can be better understood and turtles deaths prevented.

Stand with Lynn in her effort to save the lives of imperiled sea turtles. Please sign her petition right now.

For the wild ones,

Chris B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

Take Action:
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275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 300
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