SIGN: His muzzle was taped shut and both hips were broken
Date: 2016-02-20 08:46
From: “Care2 Action Alerts” <>

Justice for Chance Christmas – Throw the book at his abuser!

Sign Sherri’s Petition

pbnb reader,

Sherri couldn’t believe the Christmas day news. A 4 month old pit bull puppy had been found dragging himself up a Michigan City alley, muzzle taped shut, both hips broken.

Her dog rescue group, Guardians of the Green Mile leaped into action, making sure the puppy, now named Chance Christmas, would have his medical care paid for.

Now Sherri wants to make sure no other animal is subjected to what Chance’s accused abuser is alleged to have done.

Sign her Care2 petition to the prosecutor – help Chance Christmas receive justice!

“He smelled like rotting flesh, and we could see all his bones.” said Chance’s rescuer in an interview with the local news. Veterinarians estimate his muzzle was taped shut for two days – and his hip injuries required nearly two hours of surgery to repair.

Chance is in a foster home right now, overcoming his likely treatment as a bait dog – used to train pit bulls to fight. Thankfully, his future is now far more promising than his past.

Sherri wants to make sure his accused abuser never gets his hands on another animal. Her petition already has over 11,000 signatures, but she’s meeting with the prosecutor next week, and would like to top 50,000signatures. Can you sign right now?

If we can show overwhelming support for Chance, we can help Sherri convince the prosecutor to seek the strongest possible penalties for the accused.

Sign the petition to make sure Chance Christmas receives justice!

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