You can Help Stop the Yellowstone Bison Slaughter

You can Help Stop the Yellowstone Bison Slaughter


Date: 2016-02-05 05:32
From: “Steve Forrest, Defenders of Wildlife”
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Dear pbnb reader,

Yellowstone bison are America’s largest herd of genetically pure
wild bison. For decades, Yellowstone bison have been captured and
sent to slaughter due to pressure from Montana’s livestock industry
to keep their numbers low. The loss of these valuable animals and
priceless genetic resources has been an ongoing tragedy.

We now have an opportunity to rescue many of these bison.

Instead of slaughtering them, park officials are considering a plan to
test and relocate healthy bison to a quarantine facility at the Ft. Peck
Reservation. This would give the animals a new lease on life and make a
huge contribution to bison recovery.

URGENT: Tell Yellowstone Park officials you support this relocation plan.

Please submit your comments directly to the Yellowstone comment page:

Here are some of the points you might want to make in your comments:

*Yellowstone National Park has one of the largest and most genetically
important bison herds remaining;

*Many of these genetically important Yellowstone bison are shipped to
slaughter due to pressure from livestock interests to reduce their numbers,
without regard for their health status or their potential to start new
conservation herds or grow existing herds outside the park;

*I support the park’s proposal to establish a relocation process that will
test and relocate healthy bison to new sites, so that these genetically
valuable bison will not be shipped to slaughter;

*I support this effort, along with a comprehensive program of bison conservation,
that includes expanding habitat for bison outside of Yellowstone National Park,
increasing the number of bison allowed to live in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem,
eliminating the wasteful slaughtering of healthy animals, and supporting the efforts
of North American tribes and others to grow satellite herds of genetically important
bison, especially Yellowstone bison.

Please note that the comment period closes on Monday, February 15th
– please submit your comments today!

There are few more iconic symbols of American wildlife than the bison.
Once thundering across the plains in the millions, today only tiny
remnants of the bison’s historic population survives.

That’s why bison recovery is among our most urgent priorities.

Thanks for all you do!


Steve Forrest
Senior Representative, Rockies and Plains
Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife leads the pack when it comes to protecting wild
animals and plants in their natural communities
Defenders of Wildlife | 1130 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20036 |

Defenders of Wildlife is a national, nonprofit membership organization
dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in
their natural communities.

© Copyright 2016 Defenders of Wildlife


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