Slaughtering Nature….Business as Usual

Dear pbnb reader,

I just at this moment, discovered this email from Florence Windhall of the Humanist Hall in Oakland, about this horrible tree slaughter they are attempting.   Just read this and it may break your heart to even think that there are people with such malice and hatred in their hearts for nature. But you knew, didn’t you – and unfortunately, they’re everywhere.

Not to mention the poisons they want to inject into our Mother Earth, no mercy these meanest and vilest of humans; i   can only say my heart is heavy over this and I hope earnestly and sincerely that each and every single one of you that reads this will at least share the email with one of your friends and if you can, mail it out to your list.   I know there will     be petitions and marches and rallies over this and i wish, oh so wish, i could be there but I may not, so please strongly represent me because i ask that of all of you on behalf of these magnificent representatives of our dearest Mother, the Earth.

If you know more of this planned butchery, please send it to me and i will be sure to get it out to all i know. Hopefully, all of our activist media sources will cover this throughly and vigorously.

I will do my best to take whatever actions I can from where I am now living and hope it will also have a maximum impact.

Thank you Deeply,

John Vance
Peoples Bark News Berkeley

Hi John,

Here’s an event I just thought I’d show you. If it’s possible to publicize it in your People’s Bark newsletter, that would be great. You may have done so already and I missed it! Your newsletter is SO HUGE! This is not an event at Humanist Hall but it’s so damn important I want to spread the word.

There is a nasty top-down, government project afoot to clear cut the Eucalyptus trees in the Berkeley and Oakland Hills. Everybody knows they’ve been there a long time and they’re established there, even if they are not native to this area. They are a mature ecosystem now. Then, after the clear cut, they’re going to pour Round Up Ready on every tree stump to make sure it doesn’t grow back — for TEN YEARS!. Is this their idea of job creation? That stuff will be in the whole East Bay environment for 10 years, doing god’s knows what untold damage to all life!

I’ve communicated with Ken Cheetham from the Progressive Directory about this project and he has taken excellent pictures of the Eucalyptus woods and trails that may be the last pictures of these trees as living trees! He’s breaking every bone to stop this horrible tree slaughter!  I hope he’s at this event.

The Event is entitled:

Will cutting down 45,000 trees in the Oakland & Berkeley Hills make you any Safer?

It will be held at:

Oakland Center for Spiritual Living
5000 Clarewood Drive, Oakland, CA
Thursday, November 19
7:00 — 10:00 pm

Here’s a link to this event:

And here’s a link to Ken Cheetham’s article about the Eucalyptus trees.

He points out that other non-native trees are slated for slaughter along with the Eucalyptus.  I have to point out that we Europeans are non-native to this area too. And if you look back far enough, even the Native Americans are non-native to these parts. The whole expanse of the U.S. belongs exclusively to the original wildlife that was here even before the Native Americans. If we’re such purists, we all need to take leave of this place.

Sincere as Ever,

Researching the Big Picture . . . . Humanist Hall


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