Sign the Petition: Don’t Kill this Prairie Dog Colony

Date: 2015-09-10 10:04

From: “Care2 Action Alerts” <>

Buddhist-Inspired University Should Abandon Plans to Kill Prairie Dogs

Sign Poh Yee’s Petition

Dear pbnb reader,

One of the central and best-known practices of Buddhism is the respect for all lives, human and animal. So when Care2 member Poh Yee Holmes heard that a Buddhist-inspired university was considering killing a prairie dog colony in Colorado, she couldn’t believe it. Sign her petition to Naropa University right now, asking them to abandon their plans immediately.

Prairie dogs are known for their advanced social behaviors, such as standing watch for each other and communicating with 11 different calls. Prairie dogs even have a family recognition behavior that looks an awful lot like kissing. Colonies also support rare wildlife like burrowing owls, and the endangered black-footed ferret.

Care2 petition author Poh Yee says, “killing a healthy colony of over 100 prairie dogs is a horrible idea, and I can’t believe a Buddhist institution would even consider it.”

Thankfully, a conservation group is offering to work with the university to relocate the colony – a solution that should work for everyone, most importantly, the prairie dogs. Sign Poh Yee’s Care2 petition urging the school to support this solution.


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