URGENT: Help a Dog Who Has Nowhere Else to Turn

Date: 2015-07-30 14:01
From: “Ingrid E. Newkirk,
PETA” <DonorE@peta.org>


We’re entering what’s often the hottest stretch of summer–when the sun’s intense heat beats down day after day and violent thunderstorms bring falling trees, flying debris, flash floods, and other dangerous conditions.   A dog chained outdoors with little more than a sheet of plywood propped against a fence or a decrepit plastic box for shelter hardly stands a chance in such extreme weather.

These lonely dogs have no one to help them–no one but those who support PETA’s “Angels for Animals” program. They’re saving the lives of dogs like Nina this summer by helping us provide them with sturdy doghouses, a toy, and much-needed attention. Please, PEOPLES BARK NEWS READER, become an “angel” right now by making a gift–you’ll be changing the life of a dog in need.

Donate Now: http://www2.peta.org/site/R?i=6wrwRVcms8Uk3xq7NDB7sg

Thank you for your compassion and support.



View this message online: http://www2.peta.org/site/R?i=wMaVeQ9PXa51N2O-P89yyg


When our team discovered Nina, this sweet 2-year-old dog was confined to a space barely any
bigger than a bathroom stall. She lived in a battered wooden box and never had a chance to
run and play or escape the waste-strewn muck that collected in the pen with each passing storm.

Nina’s joy could hardly be contained when our team moved her from that filthy pen to an open, grassy area and gave her a sturdy PETA doghouse. It was the first real shelter she’d ever had!   We also provided her with a tangle-free tie-out and a toy, treated her for parasites, and gave her some much-appreciated affection.

PETA fieldworkers have delivered more than 130 doghouses this year, and to dogs like Nina, the experience is life-changing. But we urgently need your help in order to reach more dogs whose lives are a living hell and who are in danger of heat prostration in the summer and freezing in the winter.

Will you become an “Angels for Animals” doghouse sponsor right now? Your gift will immediately provide dogs, who are suffering through summer’s intense heat waves and storms, with desperately needed shelter, care, and attention.

Become an “Angels for Animals” doghouse sponsor:

In deeply impoverished areas near PETA’s Virginia headquarters, the Sam Simon Center, our fieldworkers deliver well-constructed doghouses to animals like Nina who lack even basic protection from nature’s worst. In addition to giving them much-needed shelter and replacing
their heavy chains, PETA’s fieldworkers treat them for fleas, ticks, worms, and ear mites,
which interfere with their sleep and make their lives miserable. We also frequently arrange
for free and low-cost veterinary care at one of PETA’s mobile clinics for animals who need
to be spayed or neutered.

Nina was lucky we found her, but many other dogs are still waiting for the chance to escape from the blazingly hot sun and thunderstorms of summer. By making a special commitment to helping dogs today, you’ll be ensuring that one more dog survives both the hottest summer days and the most bone-chilling winter nights to come.

Please take a moment to help a neglected dog by becoming an “Angels for Animals” doghouse sponsor right now.

Become an “Angels for Animals” doghouse sponsor:                                                     http://www2.peta.org/site/R?i=9PG__9IjjJC3lZ8zCiU8YA

While we always want people to allow their dogs, like Nina, to live indoors with them, try as we might, we can’t force them to do so-especially when local laws are so meager and unenforced that they might as well not exist. But our fieldworkers do all they can to change dogs’ lives for the better and educate guardians on proper, humane care-and that’s entirely thanks to supporters like you.

Thank you for helping to make this critical work possible and for bringing some happiness and relief to a neglected dog this summer in such a life-changing way.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. PETA greatly improved Nina’s life. Will you help us reach more animals who are suffering in the summer heat right now? Become a PETA doghouse sponsor and change a dog’s life today.

PETA, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 USA.


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