SeaWorld Espionage Campaign Busted!

Date: 2015-07-17 19:40

From: PETA E-News
PETA Weekly E-News

SeaWorld Espionage Campaign Busted as Employee Is Caught Trying to Incite Illegal Actions
For three years, a man has been attending PETA protests at SeaWorld, trying to get close to PETA employees, and posting inflammatory messages on social media in attempts to incite illegal actions such as to “burn [SeaWorld] to the ground” and “drain the new tanks at #SeaWorld.” Now, PETA seeks to question three men in connection with SeaWorld demonstrations.

Please click here and let us know if you recognize any of the men in the photos.


Help Dogs Get Through This Summer Alive
We’re determined to deliver dozens of new, life-changing PETA doghouses to dogs who are about as far from “spoiled” as a dog can get. Will you help us reach this critical goal this summer with your “Angels for Animals”  gift today?


Nosey the Elephant Needs Your Help in New Jersey!
Nosey the elephant is scheduled to appear at the New Jersey State Fair this August, even though she has been consistently lame for nearly a year. Nosey continues to be transported from one event to the next, and it’s time that she get the rest that she deserves without constantly having to perform tricks or provide rides. Help Nosey by sending a message to New Jersey State Fair organizers and urging them to cancel her appearances immediately.


11 Times Ricky Gervais Was Spot-On About Hunting
Celebrity actor, director, comedian, and animal advocate extraordinaire Ricky Gervais always finds a way to put a comedic spin on the most gruesome and tragic animal rights issues, such as hunting.


Urgent: Help Stop SeaWorld’s Plans to Keep Orcas in Tanks
SeaWorld has submitted an application to the California Coastal Commission to build new tanks, and we need your help to stop it. SeaWorld claims that its Blue World Project will help orcas, but we know that people like you won’t be fooled by this desperate, drop-in-the-bucket move. The additional space and a “fast water current” are simply acknowledgments that orcas need more than just still water, but they’ll do little to provide the animals with a natural life.

Please tell the California Coastal Commission to vote AGAINST SeaWorld’s Blue World Project.


The Most Expensive Dish From France
Fatty goose or duck liver, aka foie gras, is the most expensive dish from France, as it costs the birds used to make it their lives. If you were a goose or a duck on a foie gras farm, this is what would happen to you.


Join 60,000 People Who Have Spoken Up for Pigs!
Pigs in Indiana and Wyoming are in danger of being used in “pig wrestling” events this summer. Approximately 60,000 people have already spoken up for these sensitive animals, and we need your voice, too! Help us protect pigs from being grabbed at, swarmed, tackled, and roughly crammed into barrel drums by urging Indiana and Wyoming fair organizers to cancel these cruel events. We only have until August 10 to help pigs in Wyoming, so speak up today.




The 14 Worst ‘Festivals’ Still Taking Place Today
All over the world, animals are tortured and killed in the name of tradition and entertainment. From Mexico to the Faroe Islands, make sure you know how to steer clear of these archaic events.


Enter for a Chance to Win a $400 Virkin Bag!
Attention, fashionistas: Ditch the cruel Hermès Birkin bag and get this beauty instead! We’re giving away a @FreedomOfAnimals #VirkinBag on Instagram. For a chance to win, check out our Instagram page for more details! Good luck.

Urgent Action Needed

Act Now to Help Horses Used for Racing (U.S. Only)

Indonesia: Close ‘Zoo of Death’

Tell AAA to Stop Promoting SeaWorld

Help Shut down Primate Products, Inc.
The Animal Lovers’ Shopping List

You Had Me at Vegan Unisex Tank Top

Let Them Be Free (Orca) Tote

Animals Are Not Ours Unisex T-Shirt

Water Facts Water Bottle

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