Help Dogs Left to Swelter in the Summer Sun

Date: 2015-07-18 06:20

From: “Ingrid E. Newkirk, PETA”

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Sweetie Pie’s summer-and her whole life-has improved greatly since a PETA fieldworker first spotted her while helping animals in rural North Carolina.

The heavy chain on this neglected dog’s neck limited her world to just a few feet of a trash-strewn yard. Her only protection from the intense summer heat and winter’s frigid cold was a battered and splintered wooden box.

Our fieldworker quickly arranged for her to receive a sturdy new PETA doghouse. Now Sweetie Pie has a shelter with a slanted roof and covered opening to provide her with much-needed shade during the summer heat and protection from torrential summer downpours.

PEOPLES BARK NEWS READER, will you help animals like Sweetie Pie by sponsoring a PETA doghouse for a neglected “backyard dog” right now?

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PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department is on the front lines helping neglected and abused dogs. In the impoverished areas near PETA’s Virginia office, the Sam Simon Center, our fieldworkers deliver sturdy, long-lasting doghouses to animals like Sweetie Pie who may never have had adequate shelter from nature’s worst.

Our fieldworkers do all they can to make the lives of “backyard dogs,” like Sweetie Pie, a little better in other ways, too. They removed the surrounding debris and replaced her heavy chain with a lightweight, tangle-free tie-out that had her bounding with joy. In addition, they arranged for her to receive a life-changing spay surgery at a PETA mobile clinic in order to ensure that she would never have puppies, who would surely have contributed to the area’s severe homeless-animal problem. The brand-new doghouse and all the other help that she received was provided at no charge to her guardian, thanks to the support of caring PETA doghouse sponsors.

While we always want dogs like Sweetie Pie to live indoors with their families, when those families can’t be convinced and if conditions don’t violate the meager provisions of local laws, our fieldworkers do everything possible to change dogs’ lives for the better and educate guardians on proper, humane care.

The average cost of providing an “outside dog” with a doghouse, follow-up visits, and other necessary care is about $265. However, a gift in any amount will immediately help a dog in desperate need of shelter. A gift in any amount will immediately help a dog in desperate need
of shelter.

Sweetie Pie is one of the lucky ones. Last year, PETA distributed 285 doghouses, but the need for shelter from the sweltering summer weather is so great that we anticipate delivering even more before the year is out.

By making even a small monthly commitment right now, you’ll be helping a dog survive both the hottest days of the summer and the most bone-chilling of winter nights. I hope you’ll consider becoming an “Angels for Animals” doghouse sponsor today.

Donate Now:

Thank you for helping a neglected dog this summer in such a life-changing way.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. Won’t you stand up for a dog like Sweetie Pie who may be suffering in the summer heat right now? Please become an “Angels for Animals” doghouse sponsor and change a dog’s life today.


PETA, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 USA.

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