Diversity Belongs in Oakland – Sign the Petition

Date: 2015-07-18 19:20

From: Humanist Hall <humanisthall@gmail.com>

Dearest pbnb reader,
Many of you are familiar and may even go to the Humanist Hall in Oakland. Well, the Humanist Hall is in trouble and needs our community support. This is ULTRA URGENT
Please forward this email to all of your lists, friends, associates, cohorts and family.

This must not, cannot be allowed to happen to this great community center.  We must rise up against the powers that be and let them know that by attacking the Humanist Hall, the powers that be are the true nuisance to the community.

Florence is the main person to contact there at the Humanist Hall and I urge you to not only sign the petition to support the Humanist Hall but also, please contact Florence and let her know she can count on you and the rest of this community to keep them the vibrant social center that it is and has been and should always be.

The main focus right now is to STOP this attack and that will happen if each and every one of you do your part and contact as many people as you can and let them know that the Humanist Hall is in desperate need of support – this is a war against the Humanist Hall by corporate power and greed.

We must stand up and force the corporate behemoth to back down!!!

BEST WAY TO CONTACT FLORENCE: Call Florence at 510-681-8699

For the Humanist Hall —

John Vance – Peoples Bark News Berkeley



For more background about this, my story is here:


The City of Oakland has already fined us $1000 for hosting a (Mexican) graduation party that was over at 9:30 pm. Only soft music was played. Since we have been labeled a nuisance, the City can fine us any amount, any time, as often as they like.

This is war! The City is conducting race and class warfare against we the people! This is gentrification! They are trying to sweep us off the block and build a “vibrant” office building here (I kid you not — that’s their words) or condo, something upscale. The City hates its own people, it hates diversity! It wants to drive its own people away! Just because San Francisco is getting really rich right now (many Google employees moved to this area), Oakland wants a piece of the action. We’re at the peak of a real estate bubble right now and the City wants to exploit this.

I just hope we can survive to the economic collapse. Then they’ll lose interest in us and this block of 27th Street.


Sincere as Ever,

*Researching the Big Picture . . . . Humanist Hall*


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