Shell NO! to Arctic Drilling!

Shell No! to Arctic Drilling!

Date: 2015-05-14 13:38
From: David Sievers – Avaaz
Dear friends,

The US government just gave oil giant Shell the go-ahead to drill in the pristine Arctic, putting our climate and the ocean’s majestic wildlife under grave risk. But there’s a way we can stop this.

Before Shell can get to the Arctic, their monster ship needs to gear up in Seattle. But one man has the power to turn Shell away — Seattle’s green mayor Ed Murray. He’s already told Shell that they don’t have permission to service their rigs in Seattle, but they’ve essentially said that they’re coming whether the City likes it or not.

Now it’s up to Ed to decide whether to lay down or go all-in for the Arctic. We know he’s with us, but it takes real guts to stand up to one of the most powerful companies in history.  Let’s show the Mayor that the whole world stands with him and the people of Seattle in doing whatever it takes to say “Shell No!” to Arctic drilling — sign now:

Experts are clear that drilling the Arctic is extremely dangerous and far too hazardous for our fragile climate. The closest Coast Guard station is more than 1,000 miles away. If anything goes wrong, which Shell’s own plan says is likely, there would be literally nobody to help and nothing they could do about it.

But what’s really incredible is that they’re even considering unlocking a whole new form of extreme oil that scientists say is 100% incompatible with preventing runaway global warming. Profits for Shell or a safe climate for all of us — it should be an easy choice.

The fight in Seattle is getting red-hot right now. Last week, after mounting pressure from local organizers, Mayor Murray told Shell their permits don’t cover their planned activities. But Shell’s ships have set sail for Seattle anyways, in gross violation of the democratic process.

Mayor Murray has always stood for the environment, but he now has a once in a lifetime chance to stand up for all the people of the world, and put his lawyers and police force between Shell’s oil rig and the vast, fragile Arctic. Our fate depends on what he does next — let’s give him the massive support that he deserves to do the right thing. Click below to sign now:

This is not just about protecting polar bears and other magnificent Arctic species. This is about drawing a red line around drilling in one of the earth’s last untouched places, and bringing all of our hope and determination to back the one man who can stop Shell, right now. Let’s show polluters everywhere that we will stand up and together to set a course for 100% clean energy.

With hope,

David, Mais, Nataliya, Iain, Alice, Fatima and the whole Avaaz team


Shell to resume Arctic drilling off Alaska as green groups warn of disaster (The Guardian)

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Raising Paddles in Seattle to Ward Off an Oil Giant (New York Times) is a 41-million-person global campaign network that works to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people shape global decision-making.

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