STOP Nestlé NOW!!!

Date: 2015-05-11 12:22
From: John Tye – Avaaz

Dear friends,

California’s severe drought means water rationing for families — there’s only enough to last the state one more year! But the world’s largest food company, Nestlé, continues to bottle hundreds of millions of gallons in the state, so it can sell it back to Californians at a 1000% markup.

It’s crazy that Nestlé is profiting off water during a drought — right under the nose of water regulators. But with enough pressure, Governor Jerry Brown can put a stop to it.

There’s already a growing movement in California to stop Nestlé’s local water bottling operations — let’s build a massive petition to get the governor’s attention and then Avaaz will run ads in Sacramento asking why Nestlé gets a free pass for profits while families are forced to ration. Add your voice then forward this to everyone:

Poor water regulation in California has enabled Nestlé and others to extract water from underground aquifers without any limits, even while households are rationing. And new groundwater regulations won’t kick in until 2022.

In the meantime, Nestlé is making a killing. The Morongo plant — one of the largest that Nestlé operates — produces 1 billion bottles of water a year. And Nestlé has four more plants throughout the state.

Nestlé says the percentage of water they bottle is not significant compared to statewide water use. But bottling water from local watersheds during severe drought harms surrounding communities and ecosystems. And a recent investigative report found a major lack of oversight of Nestlé’s operations — like their permit to bottle water expired 27 years ago!

After we stop Nestlé’s California bottling operations, we’ll push for a full regulatory overhaul. Today’s system favors the rich and powerful and doesn’t protect the people.

Other companies are starting to feel the pressure — Starbucks just announced it will move its water bottling operations to Pennsylvania due to the drought. Let’s get Nestlé to follow suit.

Sign the petition now and share this with friends and family:

When the Avaaz community shows up, corporations listen — from obtaining compensation from Benetton for the Rana Plaza disaster, to stopping sex trafficking in Hilton Hotels. Let’s come together now to protect communities and ecosystems in California.

With hope,

John, Rewan, Nick, and the entire Avaaz team

More information:

Nestlé’s despicable water-crisis profiteering: How it’s making a killing — while California is dying of thirst

Nestlé’s California Water Permit Expired 27 Years Ago

Nestlé Denies California Bottled Water Factories Contribute To Drought:

People are furious that Nestlé is still bottling and selling California’s water in the middle of the drought                                                                                              

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