More Trouble for Red Wolves

Date: 2015-05-10 05:30

From: Defenders of Wildlife
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Red Wolves in Trouble!
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service may walk away from red wolf recovery efforts! Tell them to give these endangered wolves a fighting chance at survival.


Flying Free
The Mexican population of the most spectacularly colored macaw in North America is growing! This spring, we were thrilled to take part in the release of 28 scarlet macaws in Veracruz, Mexico.

Wins for Wildlife

Green Sea Turtles Making a Comeback in Florida

Before Florida’s green sea turtles were protected under the ESA in 1978, their numbers had plummeted. But less than 40 years later, this population is laying thousands of successful nests every year.

Defending Wildlife

The Missing Link
The good news for right whales? Square mileage of right whale critical habitat is increasing. The bad news? It’s not necessarily increasing in all the right places.

At What Cost?
Defenders has been working to promote “smart from the start” principles – carefully planned projects that keep
wildlife in mind. The Panoche Solar Farm is the antithesis of this approach.

Creature Feature

Sagebrush Safari
Visit a sage-grouse lek and it’s impossible not to become an advocate for this fancy dancer.

Monthly Gift Giving
Monthly gifts provide funds we can depend on to help meet wildlife emergencies – become a Wildlife Guardian today!



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