Building Bridges: Ntl Rally Across Industry Lines For $15 & A Union

Building Bridges: Ntl Rally Across Industry Lines For $15 & A Union

Roll Back Low Wages: Stories of New Labor Organizing

Date: 2015-04-19 12:08
From: ken nash <>

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History Is Made As Tens Of Thousands Of Underpaid Workers Rally Across
Industry Lines, Across The Nation For $15 And A Union featuring Highlights
of the Fight for $15 Campaign *

History was made as underpaid workers across the country took to the
streets, in huge numbers forging the links between racial justice and
economic injustice. Low-wage workers in NYC and over 200 cities across
the nation, with more world-wide held the largest ever day of action in
their *Fight for $15 Campaign*. What began with fast food industry workers
walkouts and rallies in 2012, spread to health care, child care, retail,
airport workers, adjunct teachers, building trades workers among other
sectors of the working class.

Throughout the day of action there were reports of stores, unable to
conduct business as usual, mass civil disobedience, including under the
“Golden Arches,” which certainly revealed how tarnished McDonald’s really

*Building Bridges* will bring you the highlights of the mass rally and
stories of blood, sweat, tears and struggles of those who do the work and
those who create the wealth for the bosses. There’s a social justice
movement that’s a movin and shakin and we’ll take you there.


*Roll Back Low Wages: Nine Stories of New Labor Organizing in the United
States with Sarah Jaffe, labor journalist, author of Roll Back Low Wages
Albert Scharenberg, co-Director Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, *

*NY Office *
The Fight for $15 Campaign comes against a backdrop of the mass incarceration
and other forms of state violence against people of color and immigrants,
stagnating wages, chronic unemployment, underemployment and starvation pay,
and Building Bridges will drill down deeper to examine the economic conditions
behind the Fight for $15 Campaign and the coalescence of workers groups
stimulating these campaigns and new forms of organization for interest of the
working class.

If we were to select one word to best describe the most important current trend
in the economy of the United States, “precarity” would be a leading candidate.
America’s middle class is shrinking and recent polls suggest that possibilities
for merit-based advancement are at their lowest point ever. A growing number of
people work low-wage jobs under precarious circumstances, often without long-
term job security, health care, or possibilities for advancement or retirement.

Many quite literally find themselves one sick day away from being fired and
replaced by another person desperate to feed her or his family. Increasingly,
precarity in our working lives, or in those of our neighbors, our friends,
or our loved ones, has become the new norm. With inequality on the rise, the
U.S. government largely beholden to corporate interests, and austerity the
economic recipe du jour, the implications are significant for the future of
working people.

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