Building Bridges: Persistent Case for Reparations;
U.S. at the Summit of the Americas;
Save The Life of Mumia Abu-Jamal!
Date: 2015-04-12 12:08
From: ken nash<buildingbridgesradio2@gmail.com>
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Still Waiting For the Promised Forty Acres & A Mule:
The Persistent Case for Reparations featuring Prof. Sir Hilary Beckles
and Danny Glover “By our unpaid labor and suffering, we have earned the
right to the soil, ** many times over and over, and now we are determined
to have it.”

*Anonymous 1861*
Prof. Sir Hilary Beckles is Principal of The University of the West Indies,
Barbados. He is a distinguished economic historian and specialist in higher
education and development thinking and practice. He is Vice President of
the International Task Force for the UNESCO Slave Route Project; a consultant
for the UNESCO Cities for Peace Global Program; an advisor to the UN World
Culture Report; and member of Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban
Ki-moon’s, Science Advisory Board on sustainable development. He is Chair
of the Reparations Commission for Caribbean Community and Common Market
(CARICOM) established after CARICOM’s decision to demand reparations from
the former European colonialists for Native Genocide and African enslavement.

Professor Beckles and the internationally acclaimed actor/activist Danny
Glover, at the just concluded Institute for the Black World’s Black Reparation
Summit, held in N.Y. were featured speakers.

They describe how the racist power structures throughout U.S. history have led
to present-day issues such as education inequality, poverty and police brutality
and argue that the U.S. should give compensation to the African-American community
because of its history of institutional racism and the consequential deprivation
in human, economic, social and political rights.

And, they remind us that this economic system and its enormous wealth was built on
the unremunerated toil, through the present of Black Life and Black Life Matters!


*The U.S. at the Summit of the Americas *
*Behind the Smiles and the Handshakes with
Mark Weisbrot, co-Director,
Center for Economic and Policy Research*

Obama is making his first trip south of the U.S. border since February of 2014.

On April 9, he was in Kingston, Jamaica for meetings with Prime Minister Portia
Simpson-Miller and the leaders of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), an organization
made up of 15 Caribbean governments.

Then on April 10 and 11, he was in Panama City, Panama where he participated in the
seventh Summit of the Americas alongside the leaders of every independent government
in the hemisphere including — for the first time — the Republic of Cuba.

Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, who has
written the pieces *”Obama Should Put an End to Extreme Austerity in Jamaica”* and
*”Obama Could Face Another Disastrous Summit Due to Sanctions Against * *Venezuela”*
takes us beyond the handshakes and smiles to assess what really happened.

Stopped from carrying out the death penalty against Mumia Abu-Jamal by a
worldwide movement that spanned three decades, the Pennsylvania Dept. of
Corrections has been attempting over the past three months to execute him
by medical neglect.

On March 30, Abu-Jamal was rushed, unconscious, to the Schuylkill Medical
Center in Pottsville, Pa., suffering from diabetic shock. After just two
days of treatment in the hospital’s ICU, on April 1, Abu-Jamal was returned
to the prison infirmary at SCI Mahanoy in Frackville, Pa., into the hands
of the very same doctors whose medical neglect and mistreatment nearly                                                                         killed him.

Prison officials initially denied visits by family members, supporters and
Abu-Jamal’s attorneys and only backed down after receiving thousands of
calls. Those able to visit Mumia on April 3 reported he was extremely weak,
had lost 80 pounds, and still had elevated blood sugar levels over 300.

The murder of aging political prisoners by denying them inadequate health
care has happened before. Earlier this year, MOVE 9 member Phil Africa
died under suspicious circumstances at SCI Dallas. The lack of standard
medical treatment impacts all prisoners, particularly those over 55.

Demand that the state of Pennsylvania cease and desist in their attempts
to murder political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal:

● Allow daily visits by Mumia’s family, friends and attorneys. Their support
and protection at this time of vulnerability should not be restricted.

● Allow Mumia’s choice of specialist doctors to examine and schedule treatment
for him – NOW. Neither the prison staff at SCI Mahanoy nor the Schuylkill Medical
Center has a diabetes/endocrinology specialist. There is precedent in Pennsylvania
for this. Prisoner John E. du Pont, an heir to the du Pont chemical fortune, was
allowed care by private doctors during imprisonment. Mumia deserves the same.

● Release Mumia’s medical records to his attorneys.

● Allow a full investigation of prison health care in Pennsylvania.

●Mumia is innocent and should never have been incarcerated. We demand
his immediate release.We are calling on everyone to participate in the
following actions:

● Twitter widely using the hashtags #mumiamustlive, #saveMumia and #Blacklivesmatter.

● Call, fax and email the following state officials to raise the above demands:

~ DOC Secretary John Wetzel: 717-728-4109; crpadocsecretary@pa.gov
~ Gov. Tom Wolf: 717-772-5000; fax 717-772-8284; governor@pa.gov
~ Prison Superintendent John Kerestes: 570-773-2158; contact.doc@pa.gov
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