Emergency Protest! Mumia’s Life in Danger!

Emergency Protest! Mumia’s Life in Danger

Sat. April 11 Noon Oakland Fed. Bldg

Date: 2015-04-09 12:24
From: mumia-alerts@mailman.lmi.net
To: “mumia-alerts@mailman.lmi.net

Please forward widely…

Mumia’s Life in Danger!

All Out Saturday, April 11

12 Noon Oakland Federal Bldg.

1301 Clay St., Oakland (13th and Clay, near downtown Oakland Bart)

No Execution by Medical Default!

Free Mumia Now!

Now is the time to mobilize across the country to unleash the power that has prevented Pennsylvania officials from executing Mumia in the past.

The refusal of prison officials to allow expert medical doctors in the field of diabetes amounts to criminal neglect. Just last week this neglect came close, within minutes, to ending Mumia’s life.

In solidarity, Jeff Mackler and Laura Herrera, Co-coordinators, Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal 510-268-9429 jmackler@lmi.net

MUMIA UPDATE: April 7, 2015

Mumia is in very poor health and has been back in the prison infirmary since Wednesday, April 2, 2015. His transfer back to the prison is an attempt to sever Mumia from the widespread attention this recent crisis has garnered in the media. It was also an attempt to shut down the movement’s vigil at the hospital. When Mumia arrived in the hospital on March 30th he was in diabetic shock. His blood sugar level was at 779. Diabetic coma, which is potentially fatal, registers at 800.

His sodium level was alarmingly high at 168 and potentially fatal. His sodium levels have now been normalized, but he has not yet been seen by an endocrinologist (diabetes specialist.) The doctors at the hospital reiterated that there was no diabetes specialist available. Our major demand is that he be examined immediately by an independent team of medical specialists, chosem by his family and supporters. A small group of family and supporters visited with Mumia in the prison on April 3rd. At that time he seemed sicker and less alert than when we saw him in the hospital. His blood sugar on that day was at 336. He has lost approximately 50lbs since we last saw him in January. He was in a wheel chair, his speech was intermittently slurred, and by the end of the one-hour visit he had difficulty breathing.

CALL AND CONTACT NOW: Secretary of PA Corrections, John E. Wetzel phone: 717 728-4109

email: ra-crpadocsecretary@pa.gov

Governor Tom Wolf phone: 717 787-2500 fax: 717 772-8284

email: governor@pa.gov

SCI-Mahanoy Superintendent John Kerestes 570 773-2158 ext.8102

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please email mumia-alerts-request@free-mumia.org and type “subscribe” in the subject line. Thanks


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