eNews: Anti-Wildlife Senators Show Their True Colors

eNews: Anti-Wildlife Senators Show Their True Colors
Date: 2015-04-05 05:00
From: Defenders of Wildlife <defenders@mail.defenders.org>
Defenders of Wildlife eNews

Defenders of Wildlife eNews
eNews: Anti-wildlife Senators show their true colors

Action of the month: Anti-wildlife Senators show their true colors

A torrent of proposals were introduced last week that, if adopted, could cripple endangered species conservation efforts for years to come. Tell your elected official to protect our nation’s vulnerable wildlife!

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Feature: Sage-Grouse Merchants of Doubt

State and federal agencies are working to create science-based plans to protect an iconic
bird and the landscape on which it depends. But at the same time, industries are working
to discredit scientists and their work.

Learn more>> http://action.defenders.org/site/R?i=rqVLn-eAMhcogq3_HAND4Q

Wins for Wildlife: Bringing Grizzlies Back to the Northwest

The National Park Service announced that it is embarking on a process to determine exactly what grizzly bears in the North Cascades need to recover to healthy population levels.

Learn more>> http://action.defenders.org/site/R?i=GVOzhDbr-agQejpBIgi_jQ

Defending Wildlife: Deadly Traffic: The U.S. Plays an Unwitting Role in Illegal Wildlife Trade

We’re working with officials in countries around the world to combat illegal wildlife trade.
You can take steps at home to make a big difference for wildlife.

Defending Wildlife: To Bee or Not to Bee?
Learn more>> http://action.defenders.org/site/R?i=zz6cImFnhEc0MbualhvHRg

A Growing State Means Growing Threats for Florida’s Official State Animal

There are fewer than 200 Florida panthers left in the wild, but millions of people in Florida and that number is growing. Thankfully, a lot of people are working to make sure there’s room for both. And you can help.

Learn more>> http://action.defenders.org/site/R?i=SMPzSETteWLgyvZ40J5ZBw

Creature Feature: Western Snowy Plover

Plover nests are camouflaged to look like sand and are barely visible to even the most well-trained eye. The nests are made in small depressions, often human footprints.

Learn more>> http://action.defenders.org/site/R?i=a5IXk3knjxh0JSVs-cOyDg
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