Date: 2015-04-04 18:11
From: mumia-alerts@mailman.lmi.net

Mumia’s Faces Grave Medical Situation
Urgent Action Needed Now!

Dear Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal,

Below is the latest information on Mumia’s dangerous health situation. The information comes from Johanna Fernandez of the Campaign to Bring Mumia Home, from the International Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal and the MOVE Organization.

Please make every effort to call prison officials at SCI Mahoney to demand that Mumia’s family and legal team be allowed to bring in doctors expert in the areas where Mumia needs top notch and qualified medical care.

Phone immediately to:

SCI Mahoney
301 Morea Rd. Frackville, PA 17932
Superintendent John Kerestes
570-773-2158 Ext. 8102

In solidarity and act now!

Jeff Mackler, Director, Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

FROM JOHANNA FERNANDEZ (Campaign to Bring Mumia Home and Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal)

All: A lot is happening. Here is a quick synopsis of yesterday’s meeting.

We visited Mumia yesterday (Fri April 3) at the prison. After being denied access early that morning, we were called back and told that a group of 5 could visit. Those in attendance during the visit were: Mike Africa, Keith Cook, Johanna Fernandez, Abdul Jon and Rachel Wolkenstein.

The pressure mounted by the movement was tremendous; I, personally, overheard an operator at the prison say in, the background, that the phones were ringing off the hook. Mumia was brought out in a wheel chair to the visiting room, but given his condition, the visit should have taken place in the infirmary. His spirit is strong, but his body is in need of urgent medical attention. He needs to see a diabetes specialist (Endocrinologist) and a dermatologist, chosen by his family and closest supporters. He has not yet been seen by the diabetes specialist and his blood sugar is still fluctuating dangerously. Yesterday, Mumia’s blood sugar was at 336. And in spite of this dangerously high count he was given spaghetti for lunch. He hast lost at least 80lbs, he was very weak and had difficulty breathing at the end of our one hour visit. His skin is hard and black everywhere in his body, except his face. He had slurred speech during parts of our visit, was trembling by the end of it, and even though he tried to appear strong for us, he was weak and vulnerable. This was very difficult for us to see, because Mumia has always had a strong constitution, both physically and mentally. When we asked how he was feeling physically, he said that he was very ill on Wed and Thurs and couldn’t stay awake or get up on those days. Yet he was transferred back to the prison prematurely at 7pm on Wed. One of the last things he told us was that he believes in the power of the people. He was happy to hear about the out pouring of support. But in the end, Mumia is selfless man. This is why he has become known the Voice of the Voiceless. Unfortunately, his greatest asset — that he is a fighter for those who suffer under the thumb of those in power, the world over — is his greatest liability when it comes to his own personal well being. He is NOT his best advocate. It is up to us to play that role on his behalf. He is also too close to the situation and too ill, to fully comprehend the magnitude of the torture-by-medical-neglect inflicted on him by the state.

He needs independent, specialized medical attention, urgently. And this is our major demand.

We need to step up the pressure and oppose the attempt at state execution of Mumia by medical neglect.

Approximately 40 people drove in car caravans to the prison from Philadelphia, New York and DC. We had a press conference outside the prison after the visit. Then we drove to the Department of Corrections and forced a meeting with Susan E. Mcnaughton, the press secretary of the DOC. We promised to return on Monday for a meeting with Secretary of the DOC, John Wetzel. Our presence was heard both at SCI Mahanoy and at the DOC.

We need volunteers to drive back up to the DOC on Monday.

I leave you with the conviction that if we fight together, we will win this battle and bring Mumia home.

With love,



This government has been trying to murder Mumia for 34 years. The power of this movement stopped his execution in 1995 and 1999, and got him off of death row. Now they’re deliberately trying to murder him through medical neglect and intentional torture. This situation is urgent and couldn’t be more serious. Mumia is currently in a wheelchair, two days ago he couldn’t stand up, his speech is slurred, and he can barely hold a bottle of water. This isn’t just medical neglect, this is a continuation of the premeditated murder that was set in place when Mumia was shot in the chest, was rammed headfirst into a steel pole, and was then railroaded through the courts and onto deathrow. Just two months ago Phil Africa died under similar suspicious circumstances. We have absolutely no time to waste.

People must treat this as if Mumia’s death warrant has been signed and the execution date is tomorrow, because that’s their intention. They have absolutely no intention of freeing Mumia, and they have no interest in letting him live a long life in prison continuing to be an example of resistance for the world. They want Mumia dead, and if they can do it by medical neglect they will. The only reason Mumia wasn’t executed in 1995, the only reason he was moved off of death row is because the pressure for justice for Mumia was too strong. The only way Mumia is going to live through this attack on his life is if all people step up and immediately demand healthier diet for Mumia and the ability to have outside medical care. We aren’t asking for anything here that hasn’t been done in Pennsylvania prisons before. There are diets in place for people dealing with health problems and they aren’t even giving him that. Since he was prematurely taken from the hospital and put back in the prison where these problems started his blood sugar levels have been rising because they are only giving him foods like pasta that are dangerous with diabetes.

Their intention with all of these side attacks is to distract people from the main point, which is that Mumia is innocent and shouldn’t have served one day in prison in the first place. The sacrifice that Mumia and the MOVE 9 are making, and that Phil and Merle Africa have already given their lives for, is for the benefit of everyone. People must stand up and reciprocate that commitment, today. If you don’t act today his death warrant could be carried out tomorrow.

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