[Mumia-alerts] Mumia Update

[Mumia-alerts] Mumia Update

Date: 2015-03-31 13:20
From: mumia-alerts@mailman.lmi.net
Dear Friends o Mumia,

Here are a number of important updates on Mumia’s health condition.

The key demand from Mumia’s family is that his case and condition
be allowed to be reviewed by doctors representing his family.

Please read the Bay View and other reports carefully.

In solidarity,

Jeff Mackler

Professor Wallis’ update (below) has been added to the Bay View story, at                          http://sfbayview.com/2015/03/mumia-abu-jamal-hospitalized-in-diabetic-shock-guarded-family-and-friends-denied-access/. Contact phone numbers have been corrected again, compiled from the best info available.

Here are the numbers to call:

Please make these calls (the names and numbers have been updated and corrected)                                                             now to demand that Mumia’s case be reviewed by doctors representing the family:

Pennsylvania Bureau of Health Care Director Chris Oppman, 717-728-5311                                                                           (an activist says he’s personally answering this number and that he has replaced Richard Ellers)

Corrections Secretary John Wetzel, 717-728-4109 or                                                                                                             ra-crpadocsecretary@pa.gov
Schuylkill Medical Center Superintendent Mark Lory,                                                                                                               420 S. Jackson St., Pottsville, PA 17901, 570-621-5000                                                                                                           (or his secretary, Diane Doyn, ext. 5102)

Mahanoy State Correctional Institute                                                                                                                      Superintendent John Kerestes, 570-773-2158

(or his secretary, Mary Kay)

Mary Ratcliff
SF Bay View
(415) 671-0789

On 3/31/2015 12:19 PM, zendive@aol.com wrote:

Mumia’s wife and his brother were both finally allowed brief visits with him.

He is still in intensive care at the hospital in Pottsville. He is conscious but sedated. His blood sugar had shot up high enough to almost produce a coma, but has now been partially brought down.

He is heavily guarded and is shackled to his bed.

The immediate demand now is for his case to be reviewed by doctors representing his family.

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