Iris Was a Prisoner in Solitary Confinement for Years–Until Now

Iris Was a Prisoner in Solitary Confinement for Years–Until Now

Date: 2015-03-27 11:37
From: PETA E-News <>
PETA Weekly E-News

>>> Iris Was a Prisoner in Solitary Confinement for Years-Until Now
Iris the chimpanzee was held captive for years at a roadside zoo in Georgia and denied everything that was natural and important to her. She hadn’t had any interaction with other chimpanzees since 2012, and her meals were slid to her through a slot in the wall. Iris was in prison but had committed no crime. Watch the video of her remarkable rescue and see her meeting another chimpanzee for the first time in years!


>>> Three Animal Experiments Wasting Your Tax Dollars
For years, the National Institutes of Health has conducted cruel and irrelevant psychological experiments on baby monkeys, wasting millions in tax dollars each year. This is where that money is going.


>>> One Difference Between SeaWorld and Ringling Bros.
Look closely, and you’ll see that Ringling Bros. and SeaWorld are nearly identical in their business models. Yet a recent announcement from Ringling clearly separates the two. If Ringling can close the curtain on cruel elephant acts, then SeaWorld can empty its tanks. Read more to find out how you can help!


>>> Urge McDonald’s to Drop Cruel Chimpanzee Ad
McDonald’s is yet again exploiting animals, despite pleas from PETA to reconsider
its use of a chimpanzee in a new ad. Now we need your voice. Join us in urging
McDonald’s France to pull the offensive ad and pledge never to use chimpanzees or
other great apes again.


>>> Linda Bean Strikes Out With the Sea Dogs

The Portland Sea Dogs are joining the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Celtics in cutting ties with Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster after PETA’s investigation showed that the company tears apart live crabs and lobsters. Tell Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster that you want it to stop tearing apart live animals!


>>> Leather vs. Fur: Which Is Worse?
For the animals who are used in the leather and fur industries, fear, pain, and violence are standard. But is one industry any better than the other?


>>> Urge Natural Bridge Zoo to Retire Sole Elephant to a Sanctuary!
For decades, a lonely elephant named Asha at Virginia’s Natural Bridge Zoo has been spending her winters in a cold, damp barn and her summers giving elephant rides in the sweltering heat. In 2013, a state trooper reported witnessing a handler at the zoo jab a bullhook into Asha’s mouth eight times while yelling obscenities at her. Tell the zoo to retire Asha to a sanctuary NOW!


>>> Canada’s Seals Need Your Help!
In the coming weeks, as many as 400,000 young seals will face being beaten or shot in the world’s largest commercial slaughter of marine mammals. Will you help us stop the suffering and stand up for seals and other animals used for their skin by giving online today?


>>> If Vegans Said the Stuff Meat-Eaters Say
Tired of hearing all the stereotypes that people throw your way when they find out you’re vegan? Fear not! Learn how to turn the tables with this new video.


Urgent Action Needed

Speak Out Against Torture of Sea Lions in Oregon

Urge Live Earth to Offer Only Eco-Friendly Vegan Food

Tell Circus World to End Cruel Elephant Exhibits

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