Save the Che Cafe at UCSD!


Dear pbnb reader,

They are trying to evict the Che Cafe at UCSD and they need your support. Please do what you can as an activist in your present location. This place is very like the Long Haul in Berkeley/Oakland on Shattuck!

Thank you. John Vance pbnb
Saturday, February 28, 2015
LA JOLLA – Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Show Down at UCSD’s Che Cafe – Rally vs Eviction:
Tuesday Morning, March 24

Show’s Not Over at Che Cafe at UCSD – Its Fate Likely Rests on Students
Google page on Che Cafe Articles

Following the UCSD Associated Students (AS) and Graduate Students Association (GSA) proposals to close the C.H.E. Cafe building for a period of 18 months and hold C.H.E. events at other UCSD locations:

The C.H.E. Collective has reached a consensus to release the following statement:

The C.H.E. Cafe Collective is opposed to any solution that includes the Collective leaving the C.H.E. Cafe Building. To leave the building would be tantamount to forfeiting the property. The UC San Diego administration has a history of refusing to allow organizations, such as the Craft Center, to re-claim buildings after they have left. We also feel the reasoning behind the request to leave the building is problematic. There is not a need to vacate. No safety issues with the building have been properly demonstrated, and student support of the C.H.E. Cafe Collective is strong, and continues to grow with each meeting and event that is being held at the C.H.E. Cafe building.

The AS and GSA proposals were drafted by committees that were created to decide on what the student body response would be to UCSD Administration’ s attempts to evict the C.H.E. Cafe Collective from the C.H.E. Cafe Building. The C.H.E. Cafe Collective would like to recognize the time and energy that both committees have spent in reviewing the information that was presented to them.

The C.H.E. Collective will continue to work with all concerned parties especially the AS and the GSA to stop the eviction of the C.H.E.

In Solidarity,

The C.H.E. Cafe Collective

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