This Pig Needed Help–but She Was Sent to Slaughter

This Pig Needed Help–but She Was Sent to Slaughter

Date: 2015-03-23 14:39
From: PETA <>

Pig 112105 never had a name, just a number on the tag that was punched
through her ear without anesthetics.

For five days, she was kept in a filthy, cramped pen with other pigs
as her internal tissue painfully spilled out of her anus. Instead of
being given the prompt veterinary care that she so desperately needed,
she was left in this condition for days before being hauled to a

How do we know about Pig 112105? We know because a PETA investigator
captured heartbreaking footage of her and other neglected pigs at a
leading U.S. pig-breeding facility in 2013. But if the meat and dairy
industries get their way, exposing such cruelty in the future would be
a crime.

Make a gift of just $5 or more to help pigs and other animals who are suffering out of sight.

Make a gift:

Right now, the meat and dairy industries are methodically pushing
legislation state by state that would criminalize crucial efforts to
expose outrageous cruelty to animals on farms and in slaughterhouses
by doing the following:

* Banning documentation or exposure of abuse on farms

* Making it a crime for an investigator to secure a job at a farm

* Preventing investigators from documenting ongoing, systematic abuse

We’re only a few months into 2015, and already, six “ag-gag” bills
have been introduced across the United States.

PETA and our international affiliates rely on investigations and
exposs to reveal the everyday horrors that the food industry doesn’t
want anyone to see. We need that documentation to hold abusers
accountable. In Mississippi, a whistleblower captured video footage
showing that pigs were being electrocuted with prongs as they shrieked
in terror-and the footage helped shut down the slaughterhouse.
In Iowa, piglets’ heads were bashed onto hard, blood-covered concrete
floors, and then the pigs were thrown onto a pile where they were left
to die. Thanks to months of work by PETA investigators, six former
employees of that facility admitted guilt to charges of livestock
neglect and abuse.

Yet had “ag-gag” laws been in effect in the states where these gentle,
intelligent pigs suffered and died, we might never have learned of
their misery and never seen those accountable for it held responsible.

Last year, tens of thousands of PETA supporters took a stand against
dangerous “ag-gag” bills and helped defeat measures in five states.
Now we need you to help us stop similar bills in 2015.

Make a gift of just $5 to help defeat these threatening bills and protect pigs and other
animals from abuse.

Make a gift:

Victory is possible-but we can’t achieve it alone. Thank you for
caring about all animals, particularly those like Pig 112105.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

PETA, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 USA


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