Building Bridges: Liberato Restaurant Tries To Silence Workers

Building Bridges: Liberato Restaurant Tries To Silence Workers;
NYU’s Abu Dhabi Campus Human & Workers’ Rights Violations
Date: 2015-03-22 14:57
From: ken nash <>
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* Liberato Restaurant Tries To Silence Workers *
*With Federal Racketeering, “RICO” Suit with. Omar Taveras,
former Liberato worker. Mahoma Lopez, Laundry Workers Center
representative. Ria Julien, workers’ attorney *
Liberato Restaurant workers joined by community supporters and
workers’ rights advocates, such as the grassroots workers’ rights
organization the Laundry Workers Center continue to exercise their
right to protest against wage and hour theft, sexual harassment and
verbal abuses, despite Liberato Restaurants’ attempts to silence them.

Liberato, in an unprecedented action has brought a Racketeer Influenced
and Corrupt Organizations (“RICO”) lawsuit accusing the workers of
extortion. Liberato server Maggy Andres, said “we are here today
demanding what we are owed.

The RICO case is an attempt to silence us, and it will not work. Liberato
stole our money and we demand what we are owed by the law and better
conditions in our workplace. Until that happens, we will be out here
demanding justice for ourselves, our co-workers, and all exploited workers.”
*NYU Pressured to Respond to Gross Human and Workers’ Rights *
*Violations at its Abu Dhabi Campus with. Kristina Bogos, senior at NYU’s
College of Arts and Science and *

*the student leader of the Coalition for Fair Labor,. Astha Sharma
Pokharel, a student at the NYU School of Law and a *

*member of the Law Students for Economic Justice student group*
Workers at NYU’s Abu Dhabi campus have been subject to brutal punishments
for demanding better conditions. Workers have complained of low pay, long
hours, inadequate accommodations and unpaid wages.

More than 200 workers were deported after protesting for pay that was owed
to them and continue to await compensation in their home countries. Reports
of gross human rights and workers’ rights violations have occurred during
the four-year long construction of the NYU Abu Dhabi campus on Saadiyat
Island, while NYU President John Sexton characterizes the university as a

But, workers’ advocates say sanctuaries do not allow those who build their
structures to be intimidated and beaten, to have their passports withheld,
or to be expelled from the country where they work and are rallying for NYU
to address these wrongs.
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