Infant Animals Left to Die Slowly

Subject: Infant Animals Left to Die Slowly
Date: 2015-03-19 09:35
From: PETA <>
Dear PEOPLES BARK reader,

Alone in the grass of a Nebraska field, a terrified newborn lamb cries
out for help. Bursts of cold, harsh wind strike this terrified baby
animal who needs care and attention-but will receive none.

That’s because in this government-run program, experimenters leave
infant animals to die slowly, exposed to the elements, after deliberately
breeding them to be deformed, weak, and helpless.

Earlier this year, The New York Times revealed that taxpayer dollars are
funding cruel experiments to increase the revenue of those selling animals’
flesh. The meat and dairy industries want the public to ignore the cruelty
of these experiments-and the horrors endured by animals on farms and in
slaughterhouses-but we can’t let that happen. PETA members aren’t afraid
to take on corporations or even the government when animals are being
mistreated-and we need you with us today.

Make a gift-even just $5 will help-to stand up for lambs and all other

Sheep aren’t the only victims of this barbaric program. Pigs are being
bred to have nearly twice as many piglets, but many are born too weak
to move. Cows in the program are more likely to have twins or triplets
but often give birth to weakened and deformed calves, many of whom
will die after a brief, miserable existence.

This chilling abuse is what happens when we treat animals like
commodities instead of the sentient beings they are.

When news broke of what’s taking place at the U.S. Meat Animal
Research Center (MARC), PETA sprung into action, mobilizing more
than 50,000 concerned people to demand that Congress shut down the
After hearing from thousands of outraged constituents, a bipartisan
group of lawmakers introduced legislation to extend animal-welfare
protections to animals used for agricultural research. And earlier
this month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture finally took some
action by suspending new experiments at the facility-but until
it’s closed for good, we must do more.

Your support of PETA right now (with as little as $5) can ramp up our
campaign against MARC and strengthen all our vital efforts to protect

Donate Now:

As you know, the cruelty that sheep, cows, and pigs face at this
Nebraska facility is just a sample of what millions of animals endure
every day in the meat and dairy industries. PETA is committed to
ending this cruelty, and we’re already making progress by doing the

* Persuading major restaurants, retailers, and
universities-including IKEA and Arizona State
University-to add vegan options to their menus

* Creating attention-grabbing videos, such as “Factory Farming in
60 Seconds,” which expose tens of thousands of people to the
abuse of animals on farms for the first time

* Distributing more than 613,000 vegan starter kits last year
alone, helping consumers transition to a healthy, cruelty-free

* Developing innovative messaging-such as our Earth Day
radio ads-to reach new audiences and draw connections
between the rights of animals and the environmental
destruction caused by the meat and dairy industries

Right now, millions of animals are living-and dying-in
horrifying conditions on farms and in slaughterhouses
across the United States. They can’t wait another day
for things to get better, and we need your help to make
sure that their lives do get better.

Please, make a donation of $5 or more to PETA today to
help lambs, pigs, and other animals who are suffering:

Programs such as MARC treat animals with callous cruelty. As long as
they continue to do so, we must push forward with everything we’ve
got. Thank you, PEOPLES BARK NEWS, for standing with PETA and the
animals who need us.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk
This e-mail was sent by PETA, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 USA


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