Justice for Ayotzinapa: Say NO to State Terrorism

Subject: Justice for Ayotzinapa: Say NO to State Terrorism
Date: 2015-03-18 09:41
From: SOA Watch <info@soaw.org>
Reply-To: info@soaw.org

We are looking forward to the Spring Days of Action, that are taking place in DC in the end of April!
Register now so we know that we can count you in:

In the lead-up to SOA Watch’s DC mobilization, parents of the 43 disappeared students from Ayotzinapa are coming to the US:

Meet the Parents of the Disappeared Ayotzinapa Students from Mexico

In September 2014, dozens of students from Ayotzinapa’s teachers’ college in the Mexican state of Guerrero were attacked by police. Six people were killed. The police then forcibly disappeared 43 students, who have been missing ever since. The Ayotzinapa 43 have become a symbol of the over 100,000 murdered and 25,000 disappeared in the last 8 years of the US/Mexican Drug War.

From now until April 28, 2015, parents of the 43 disappeared students are traveling in three caravans throughout the US, covering over 40 cities from the US/Mexico border along the Pacific, central and Atlantic region states. The Caravana43 is calling for justice and accountability, and will shed light on the connection between US foreign policy, and the socioeconomic conditions and violence in Mexico. The US government is funding and training the repressive Mexican military and police, with disastrous results. The Caravana43 will also build bonds between the people of Mexico and the United States on the issue of systemic violence from the police against its people.

Caravana43 Pacific Region: El Paso, TX – Las Cruces, NM – San Diego, CA – Santa Ana, CA – Los Angeles, CA – Oxnard, CA – Fresno, CA – San Francisco, CA – Berkeley, CA – Sacramento, CA – Santa Rosa, CA – Portland, OR – Olympia, WA – Seattle, WA – Yakima, WA – Las Vegas, NV – Denver, CO

Caravana43 Central Region: San Antonio, TX – Austin, TX – Dallas, TX – Kansas City, KS – St. Louis, MO – St. Paul, MN – Milwaukee, WI – Chicago, IL – Grand Rapids, MI – Lansing, MI – Detroit, MI – Columbus, OH

Caravana43 Atlantic Region: McAllen, TX – Houston, TX – New Orleans, LA – Birmingham, AL – Atlanta, GA – Durham, NC – Blacksburg, VA – Richmond, VA – Baltimore, MD – Washington, DC – Philadelphia, PA – New York, NY – Hartford, CT – Boston, MA

For more information about the Caravana43, please contact the regional coordinators:
Central Region Coordinator Julio Cesar Guerrero, camila@umich.edu, (517) 304 -2743
Pacific Region Coordinator Enrique Davalos, edavalos@sdccd.edu, (619) 885-6081
Atlantic Region Coordinator Martha Ojeda, cjmstaff2012@gmail.com, (210) 420-0724

April 22-25: Growing Stronger Together

The “Drug War” is militarizing, incarcerating, and killing communities in Latin America and in the U.S., especially traditionally oppressed peoples. Let’s join join together this Spring to tell Congress the War on Drugs must end. Register for Spring Days of Action today! And register for our virtual lobby trainings, every other week leading up to the Spring Days of Action by clicking on this link.

The enforced disappearance of 43 students from Ayotzinapa, Mexico proved once again that the disastrous results of US military aid and training in Latin America are ongoing. Similarly, in Ferguson and other U.S. cities have reminded us that police militarization and the treatment of black and brown people as internal enemies are also major problems in the US, while putting into context what militarization looks like on the ground for so many in Latin America and beyond.

For more information, visit http://SOAW.org

Questions? Suggestions? Ideas? Please contact Arturo at arturo@soaw.org or call (202) 234-3440.


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