Doodling on the Titanic in San Francisco

Doodling on the Titanic in San Francisco



On March 5 at 7 PM I will be at Bird and Beckett Books and Records doodling and drawing and reading from *Doodling on the Titanic: the Making of Art in a World on the Brink.*

Bird and Beckett is a great book store at 653 Chenery St., a few short blocks from the Glen Park BART station. (info also on my Facebook page) If you know folks in San Fran, I would appreciate it if you would spread the word, as most of my compadres are now in the East Bay.

Hope to see you there.


Here’s a link to the event on Bird and Beckett’s website:

Here! Click on this:

Thursday, March 5th – 7pm Author
Osha Neumann
Doodling on the Titanic |
Bird & Beckett Books and Records

*”Is art in danger?  Life is in danger.  The commodity culture of global*  *capitalism is omnivorous.  The beast swallows us all.  It makes a meal of us.

We hope it chokes.   We make songs as we roil about in its guts.  We doodle as
it consumes us for breakfast. We dance as we are excreted from its bowels.
Hurray and hurrah.  So may it always be.”*


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