Suffer the Children: Vaccination “Debate” Gets the Measles

Suffer the Children: Vaccination “Debate” Gets the Measles

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William Rivers Pitt | Suffer the Children: The Vaccination “Debate” Gets the Measles
William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: Measles can kill. It can cause permanent brain damage. It is nothing whatsoever to trifle with. The false equivalency the anti-vaccination people put forward – Big Pharma is bad, ergo vaccines are to be avoided – is deadly dangerous.

Oil Crash Powers Fossil Fuel Holdings Divestment Push
Barbara G. Ellis, Truthout: The oil market’s crash involves billions in fossil fuel holdings in institutional and pension portfolios, providing divestment campaigners a golden opportunity to point out that “fiduciary responsibilities” would seem to call for immediately cutting their losses.

Five Reasons Congress Should Oppose the TPP
John Logan, Truthout: As with previous free trade agreements, the Trans-Pacific Partnership would likely harm rather than benefit US workers, hurt the US economy and not help workers in other countries.

US Deports Professor Sami Al-Arian for Criticizing Israel and Backing Palestinian Rights
Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett, Consortium News: One of the ugliest post-9/11 trials was the terrorism prosecution of a Palestinian immigrant, Sami Al-Arian, for using strong words in criticizing Israel and backing Palestinian rights, a case that amounted to thought crimes. It has now ended with Al-Arian’s deportation.

President Obama’s 2016 Budget Is Relatively Good on Social Security
Diane Archer, Campaign for America’s Future: While President Obama’s proposed Medicare policies leave a lot to be desired, he gets it right on Social Security. Over the long term, however, the president’s budget proposal leaves some cause for concern.

Lethal Rejection: Will the Supreme Court’s Lethal Injection Review Kill the Death Penalty?
Annie Waldman, ProPublica: More than 3,000 people remain on death row in the United States. The Supreme Court is reviewing lethal injection for the first time in seven years. Here’s what it means for the death penalty.

No Hope in Sight for Latin America’s Prison Crisis
Marianela Jarroud, Inter Press Service: High levels of violence, numerous murders and other crimes inside the prison walls, and serious human rights abuses are some of the problems in penitentiaries in the region.

How Human Rights Can Build Haiti
Marjorie Cohn, Marjorie Cohn’s Blog: Fran Quigley’s book “How Human Rights Can Build Haiti” combines careful research with personal observations and interviews to paint a graphic portrait of the reality in Haiti. It is a must-read for all those concerned about human rights – both in Haiti and elsewhere.

Why We Keep Schools Open When It Snows
Michael I. Niman, Artvoice: When schools close for the day, poor families are thrown into chaos. Low-wage hourly workers have far fewer snow day options than their salaried middle-class professional counterparts. When Buffalo, New York, kept its schools open, parents without options were happy there were open schools to send their children.

Richard D. Wolff | Economic Update: The Poverty/Wealth Divide
Richard D. Wolff, Economic Update / Truthout: This episode provides updates on capital gains tax, the Home Depot work-stress tragedy and Koch money in the 2016 election. We also discuss key problems looming for the US economy and issues surrounding currency exchange, especially the value of the US dollar relative to the euro.

The Buzzflash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

First Country in the World Dumps Fossil Fuels as Divestment Movement Heats Up
Read the Article at EcoWatch

NYPD Has a Plan to Magically Turn Anyone It Wants Into a Felon
Read the Article at Gawker

In Fracking Hot Spots, Police and Gas Industry Share Intelligence on Activists
Read the Article at StateImpact Pennsylvania

How US Companies Stash Billions Overseas – Tax-Free
Read the Article at Mother Jones

DEA’s License Plate Scanners Also Taking Photos of Drivers and Passengers
Read the Article at the ACLU Blog

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Signs Bill Siding With Private Water Companies Over Public Water
Read the Article at Common Dreams

Wall Street Pays Bankers to Work in Government and It Doesn’t Want Anyone to Know
Read the Article at The New Republic

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