Welcome to The Marine Mammal Center

Subject: Welcome to The Marine Mammal Center
Date: 2015-01-27 10:05
From: The Marine Mammal Center <info@TMMC.org>
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Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards helping marine
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I’m very proud to welcome you to The Marine Mammal Center. Because of caring people like you, the Center is able to give our patients a second chance at life, and once they’re healthy, return them to the ocean as wild as when we rescued them.

What started out as three animal lovers equipped with little more than kiddie pools and hoses has grown in to a world-renowned and state-of-the-art hospital, research center and education facility.

Since 1975, we have rescued more than 16,000 patients and are one of the top resources for researchers and scientists to turn to for marine mammal care, medicine and scientific data.

Each year our education programs reach over 30,000 children and adults, while our veterinarians derive and interpret vital data from our sick and injured patients to help us better understand marine mammal and ocean health, and the implications for human health – a connection we all share.


Visit us online to learn more about what we do and I hope that we will i
nspire you to learn what you can do to help marine mammals.

Meet Pongo! Pongo was an orphaned harbor seal pup. He was successfully
rescued, rehabilitation and released by the Center! Help feed patients
like Pongo by donating today!


We wouldn’t exist without the community of 800+ dedicated and truly
amazing volunteers, who help in every aspect of Center life.

From animal care and rescue response to office support and education docents,
whatever your skills, we could use your help! Find out how you can volunteer!


Thanks again for joining us online. I look forward to sending you heartwarming stories
about some of our patients, event and action alerts, our newsletter, and much more.

Jeff Boehm
Executive Director
The Marine Mammal Center


The Marine Mammal Center
2000 Bunker Road | Fort Cronkhite | Sausalito, CA 94965-2619
(415) 289-SEAL |                                                                          http://tmmc.marinemammalcenter.org/site/R?i=I9sWZdI7nPjn32AAR-_c-Q

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