Osha Neumann Book Release Thursday 1.21.15

OSHA NEUMANN’S BOOK RELEASE: “Doodling on the Titanic”

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Tomorrow in Berkeley come celebrate Osha Neumann’s book release, “Doodling on the Titanic: the Making of Art in a World on the Brink”! Event at MECA/Alliance Graphics offices at 7pm.

There will be a special appearance by The Great Tortilla Conspiracy, yum!


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OSHA NEUMANN’S BOOK RELEASE: “Doodling on the Titanic”
Thursday, January 22, 7pm
Join us for MECA Board Member Osha Neumann’s book launch for “Doodling on the Titanic: The Making of Art in a World on the Brink” !
MECA/Alliance Graphics, 1101 8th Street, Berkeley
Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/1585907644976255/) – Please RSVP and share!
FOR INFO: 510-548-0542, meca@mecaforpeace.org, wheelchair accessible

Plus special appearance by The Great Tortilla Conspiracy creating special printed tortillas of Osha’s doodles

Check out this wonderful interview with Osha about his book and his work:
“Longtime Berkeley activist explores art in a world in crisis” (http://www.thereporter.com/general-news/20150114/longtime-berkeley-activist-explores-art-in-a-world-in-crisis)
Lavishly illustrated in color, with numerous. black-and-white doodles, “Doodling” examines the fate of art in a world falling apart at the seams. Osha asks: Are we reaching the end of art as we know it, just as we are reaching the end of so much we take for granted? Art appears to be flirting with anti-art, why? Osha approaches these questions from his experience as painter, sculptor, and graphic artist.

“A lifetime of art-making is reflected in the philosophical journeys of one of America’s last great social realists, whose book is both a manifesto and a meditation on the creative process.

Mr. Neumann’s amusing–yet urgent–book arrives not a moment too soon, as we enter an era of socio-economic and cultural crisis. It is inspiring, and a pleasure to read.”
–Eric Drooker, New Yorker cover artist, graphic novelist

Community Events
Middle East Studies classes this spring at City College of San Francisco, enroll now at http://www.ccsf.edu!
** (http://www.mecaforpeace.org/events/san-francisco-ca-spring-courses-middle-east-studies-ccsf)
Core courses In our Certificate program on Critical Middle East / South West Asia and North Africa Studies that are being offered this Spring are:
* Intro to Islam (IDST 29)
* Demystifying the Middle East (IDST 30)
* Women of the Middle East (IDST 31)
* Anti-Semitism/Anti-Arabism (IDST 81-B)
* Politics and Government of the Middle East (POLS45)

Also being offered is IDST 14 (American Cultures in Literature and Film), that includes a component on Middle Eastern Americans, and is one of many of the elective courses that students can take to complete the required units.

ENROLL NOW at http://www.ccsf.edu

** More information (http://www.mecaforpeace.org/events/san-francisco-ca-spring-courses-middle-east-studies-ccsf)
Film screening: They Were Promised the Sea
by Kathy Wazana
Thursday, February 19th, 7pm
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