Obama’s Dance Around our Democracy 1.21.15 [#4]

From: “Terra – Avaaz.org” <avaaz@avaaz.org>

Date: January 21, 2015 3:19:22 PM PST
Subject: Obama’s dance around our democracy

Dear friends,

Obama just asked Congress for the power to sign dangerous global trade deals without democratic oversight. Some Democrats are fighting back, but others are wavering — let’s overwhelm them with a call to stand up for democracy and say no to Fast Track. Sign now:
Last night, buried in the State of the Union speech, President Obama asked Congress to grant him the power to ‘Fast Track’ global trade deals that would give corporations unprecedented power. It’s a dangerous attempt by Obama to sidestep our democracy, but if we act now, we can we can galvanize Democratic opposition and stop this corporate-backed plan.

For years, Wall Street insiders have been working behind closed doors to draft a bunch of top secret, pro-corporate trade deals. President Obama wants trade to be part of his legacy, and he’s worried that when the details of the deals are made public there will be massive opposition. So he’s asking Congress to give away its own constitutional powers by passing a bill called ‘Fast Track’ — granting the President the power to negotiate trade deals in secret, only giving lawmakers a yes or no vote!

Members of the Tea Party and some Democrats are fighting back against this undemocratic bill, but key opponents are wavering, and it’s up to us to give lawmakers the support they need to stand strong. Send an urgent message to House Minority Leader Pelosi and Majority Leader Boehner now! Once 100,000 of us sign, Avaaz will deliver the petition to every last member of Congress and launch a mega media blitz.


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a massive free trade agreement being secretly hammered out between 12 countries. While over 500 corporate lobbyists are in on the negotiations, our lawmakers have been locked out — prohibited from even seeing the draft text. But leaked versions have given us a glimpse of the worst case scenario, which would give corporations the right to sue our governments in secret supra-national courts, and let big pharma restrict access to life-saving medicines for millions in developing countries.

Done right, global trade and investment can be good for everyone: creating jobs and promoting fair labor and environmental protections worldwide. But the deals now on the table are full of corporate giveaways for the 1% that massively expand the rights of corporations at the expense of the rest of us. We need democratic oversight to make sure we are signing a fair deal.

Last year, activists and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle fought back against Obama’s push to give himself Fast Track authority — and won. But now he’s hoping the new Republican-led Congress will give him the blank check he wants, so he’s labeling anyone who’s anti-Fast Track as being anti-trade.

Let’s meet Obama’s lobbying effort head on by sending an overwhelming message to the House leadership that Fast Track is anti-democracy — and that it’s politically risky to rubber stamp a secret, corporate backed agreement. Send your message now and share this email with everyone you know:


Last year, over 1.6 million of us called on world leaders to bring accountability and transparency to the trade negotiation process. Now, it’s time to make sure that our representatives don’t sign away our democracy and give big business a blank check to put profits over people.

With hope, With hope,

Terra, Allison, Rewan, David and the rest of the Avaaz team


Trade authorization deal faces test from U.S. legislators (Reuters)

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