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From SOA Watch <>

“Help Us Follow Up On Last Week’s Actions And Congressional Visits”” ”

Demand release of U.S. citizen and political prisoner, Nestora Salgado, and an end to the US government’s deadly “Plan Mexico”
[ ]Pressure mounted outside the White House and in Congress last week to end U.S. funding of the disastrous Drug War in Mexico. While* the Mexican President*, Enrique Peña Nieto, met with President Obama, hundreds gathered outside the White House to demand justice for the over *25,000 forcefully disappeared *and *100,000 killed* due to the collusion of police, military, and cartels since the U.S. and Mexico escalated the militarization of the country in 2006. Mexican/Chican@ activists, and allies including Arturo, SOA Watch’s Advocacy Coordinator and *#USTired2 D**C* coordinator, are featured in the *AJ+ video at left* “The Fight for Mexican Human Rights Goes to Congress”. *Help us amplify the voices of milliones of Mexicans who have had enough after after the 43 forced disappearances in Ayotzinapa by calling and/or tweeting your Members of Congress.*
[ ]
*Senators say -*

* “Ask constituents to tweet and call us”*

For three days, SOA Watch, along with Mexicans and their allies, held meetings with some of your senators, demanding an end to Plan Mexico – the *$3 billion funding project that trains and arms Mexican troops *and other “Drug War” aid to cartel-infiltrated Mexican security forces. *#StopPlanMexico* Many directly affected community members traveled from afar to participate in the protest and meetings, including Jose Luis Avila, whose partner, *Nestora Salgado*, is a *political prisoner in Mexico due to her organizing with indigenous community police forces in Guerrero state.*The lobby visits became an educational effort as many senators were not aware military spending in Mexico results in* serious human rights abuses.* * *

*#FreeNestora** *We will continue to demand the* release of political prisoner*, indigenous leader and U.S. citizen, Nestora Salgado; whose release was ordered by a Mexican federal judge but has been *unlawfully imprisoned for 16 months in a high security prison in El Rincon, Nayarit*. Nestora has been criminalized for denouncing public officials who collude with known drug traffickers. *

*Tweet now. Call now. Do the right thing. ** **- Tweet*
“Type in your zipcode here” [ ]” to get the number and twitter handle of your representative: “” “” [ ]”” *”

.[@InsertYourSenator] Not just a “few bad apples” Stop US military and police aid to Mexico #FreeNestora #StopPlanMexico
*.[@InsertYourSenator]#FreeNestora Stop criminalizing human rights activists. Do more to free political prisoners #StopPlanMexico #USTired2*

*.[@InsertYourSenator]#FreeNestoraYA Basta con criminalizació**n de activistas Haga más para liberar a los presos políticos #StopPlanMexico #USTired2*
Call – (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Senator’s office
My name is __________ and I’m a resident of ____________.* I am calling to push for the immediate release of U.S. citizen and Mexican political prisoner, Nestora Salgado. I am also calling to stop US aid to military and police forces in Mexico in the name of the failed “War on Drugs”.*
“I support the families of the 43 students in Ayotzinapa and the 25,000 more across Mexico who have been forcibly disappeared in connection to the US-backed militarization of Mexico. *The police who disappeared the students were not just a “few bad apples”. *Violence against Mexican communities has increased dramatically since Plan Mexico began and will never end narco-trafficking.

*Nestora Salgado must be freed*. After denouncing crimes involving both police and organized crime, She was seized without an arrest warrant by Mexican Marines & police in August of 2013 as a result of her leadership role in legal, community policing in indigenous communities against organized crime. She has now been held in a *maximum security prison for 16 months *even though a Mexican federal judge has ordered her release. Please demand her release. *Thank you for your time.”*

*Please contact SOA Watch for more information and to reach individuals directly impacted by the War on Drugs.** *Remember, we are the ones we have been waiting for. Communities in Mexico, across the US and the world are counting on us to prevent US- spending on future human rights violations. *Please, please please – call today* and tell your representative what our communities deserve.

*Besos y Abrazos,*

SOA Watch

*P.S. Can you make a $25 donation [ ] to SOA Watch?*

** Zipcode site is provided by the National Priorities Project,*


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