Dear pbnb reader,
This is the Third Edition of the NEW Peoples Bark News 
Berkeley. I would like to remind you that if you have 
any comment, there is a place at the end of the blog 
where you can make your opinion known. I will make 
efforts to reply to any comments. There is also a
forum attached in here but I have to research it,
first - and soon, I will know where to direct readers
who would like to participate.

I would sincerely appreciate any help from readers
who believe that Peoples Bark New Berkeley is a good
source of community information to let your friends
and fellow activists know and if they would like to
sign up, please have them send me - John Vance - an
email @ with SUBSCRIBE PBNB in the 
subject line.
 Buffalo Field Campaign
IN YELLOWSTONE!                               _blast_KEY=1314644
BFC's Mission: To protect the natural habitat of wild 
migratory buffalo and native wildlife, to stop the 
slaughter and harassment of America's last wild buffalo 
as well as to advocate for their lasting protection, and 
to work with people of all Nations to honor the sacredness 
of wild buffalo.


** Special Valentine’s Day Offer               _blast_KEY=1314613

View the Update from the Field online here:


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Do You, Married Person, Take These Unearned Privileges, for Better or for Better?

t r u t h o u t  NEWS 

Do You, Married Person, Take These Unearned Privileges, for Better or for Better?

Greece, Europe and the Neoliberal Nightmare: Is There a Way Out?

New York Police Slowdown and the Classic Challenges of Alternatives to Capitalism

How the Great Food War Will Be Won

Hotel Lobby Sues Los Angeles to Block “Extreme” Wages

Israeli Military Officers: Don’t Punish Palestine for Joining the ICC

Limits to Freedom of Speech? When Legalism Replaces Humanism

What Do the New Immigration Rules Mean?

Crime and CIA Embarrassments

The Top 10 Insights From the “Science of a Meaningful Life” in 2014

Free Community College Could Be a Game Changer for Our Economic Future

TRUTHOUT’S BUZZFLASH DAILY HEADLINES                                      


If you love wolves as much as I do, please make an emergency donation
to Defenders of Wildlife today!

You know what happens when Congress interferes with the ESA and
wolves. And it’s not pretty.


Dear Friend of Digital Freedom,
We’re launching our first-ever EFF mobile app. This app will tell you                                                  when there are breaking issues related to digital rights that need your                                                    help. You’ll get a quick notification and be able to one-click connect to                                                     the EFF action center to speak out and help us fight for freedom online.

Install on Android:

Right now, the app is an alert system designed to tell you when we have                                                  new campaigns. So most of the time it will connect you to our action center.                                            To make it simple to take action, you can also set up an action center login                                           and password. You can download the EFF mobile app regardless of your                                         country or location.

We’re only releasing an Android version of the app today. After rigorous                                            review of Apple’s Developer Agreement and DRM policies, we decided we                                     couldn’t stomach them. We think that’s a real pity–iPhone users have just                                              as much a right to the EFF mobile app as anyone else.

Read more about our concerns:                                       

We’re inaugurating our new mobile app with a suitable campaign:                                                               a petition calling on Apple to change its Developer Agreement to                                                         respect the privacy and innovation rights of developers.

Add your signature today to stand up for free speech and oppose DRM:

As always, the EFF action center and website are still accessible through                                                   all mobile browsers, so you can sign even if you are using an iPhone.

Our mobile app is built on free software. If you like the functionality, you                                                 can check out the code, contribute new features, or fork the code on Github                                         and create your own app:

We’ve already heard from several EFF fans who would like us to upload the                                           app to the F-Droid market. We’re working on it.

Download the EFF mobile app today:                   

Sign our petition: Apple, Your Developer Agreement Tramples on Free                                            Speech & Innovation:                                                                                   

Thanks for all you do,

Rainey Reitman
EFF Activism Team
Support our work:


Intercontinental Cry

Blockades & Band Councils

Posted: 15 Jan 2015 07:02 AM PST

In August 2014, Callum Clayton-Dixon (Nganyaywana), Meriki Onus                                            (Gunnai) Pekeri Ruska (Goenpul) and Bogaine Skuthorpe-Spearim                                       (Gamilaraay) traveled more than half way around the world to develop                                                  new ties with the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island. Arriving as                                                    delegates of the Aboriginal Provisional Government, the group of                                                Aboriginal activists spent….Click link to read more!


From Ken Preston @ KPFA

*KPFA Radio 94.1 FM Winter 2015 Events *

*The Throwaways: Film Screening*, *An Award Winning Documentary Film*

*January 29, Thursday, 6:00 and 8:00 pm*

*Venue*: International House, UC Berkeley, 2299 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley

*Co-Sponsored by:* KPFA Radio 94.1 FM and International House, UC Berkeley

*Hosted by*: Directors Bhawin Suchak and Ira McKinley

*Tickets and more information:                          <>*

*Cornel West**, The Radical King*

*January 31, Saturday, 7:30 pm*

*Venue*: First Congregational Church of Oakland, 2501 Harrison St, Oakland

*Hosted by*: Davey D

*Tickets and more information: **

*Richard Wolff**, Time to Change This Capitalist System: Oh Yes, We Can*

*February 15, Sunday, 7:30 pm*

*Venue*: First Congregational Church of Berkeley, 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley

*Hosted by*: Sasha Lilley

*Tickets and more information: **

*Robert Scheer*, *They Know Everything About You*

*February 26, Thursday, 7:30 pm*

*Venue*: First Congregational Church of Berkeley, 2345 Channing Way,

*Hosted by*: Philip Maldari

*Tickets and more information: **

*Tom Hayden*, *Cuba and the U.S.*

*March 18, Wednesday, 7:30 pm*

*Venue*: First Congregational Church of Berkeley, 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley

*Tickets and more information forthcoming*

*Mario Martinez**, The Mind Body Code*

*March 25, Wednesday, 7:30 pm*

*Venue*: First Congregational Church of Berkeley, 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley

*Tickets and more information forthcoming*


*Tickets available at ***
<>*, **800-838-3006* <file:///tel/800-838-3006>*,
and at independent bookstores at least one month prior to each event. Event
posters online at *** <>*. *

*Full information at or ***




You may also now use PAYPAL to make a contribution to the Peoples                                                    Bark News Berkeley using your credit card. This is a time-proven, safe                                              system. ** Click the below link or highlight the URL (link) and paste it                                                  into your address bar at the top of your browser.


Make a donation to Peoples Bark News Berkeley here:            

Please keep in mind that if you would like to make a
comment about this news brief, just look below and
make your comment.
If you do not wish to remain on this list, please be sure 
and send an emaiL TO: with UNSUBSCRIBE                         in the subject line and I will remove you ASAP.  If you
wish to subscribe, just put SUBSCRIBE in the subject line,

The struggle continues, as expected!


John Vance – Editor/Publisher/Compiler                                                                                              Peoples Bark News Berkeley                                                                                                      Redworms Rock:



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