Peoples Bark News Berkeley Revisited

This is the first blog of the Peoples Bark News Berkeley Enews and I hope what you find in this new approach and format will hold your interest, and more importantly, be a solid, reliable news source in our activist community.
I welcome and encourage your feedback and, even moreso, look forward to community news that you can send to me for publication to keep the activist community better informed.

In this new format, I will resume publishing community news, but this new approach will include more interaction between you, my readers, and myself.           I am hoping that with this new WordPress angle, I can include not only personal one on one interaction and comments, but photos and videos, as well.

Also, with the turn the world is taking, especially with what has happened in Paris and the many  hints I am getting of the further infringement on our freedoms by the New World Order, Fema Camps, possible economic collapse, the worst thing I could do now, would be to just give in and walk away.

However, the format I was using with the Peoples Bark News Berkeley for the past many years, had simply outlived its practicality and WordPress and blogging presented a much better, much more common-sense and challenging approach.

We’ll have to see how this works out and I figure if I put my mind to it, with your help and input, this will be a major improvement, and help me improve my typing, writing and social media skills, as well.  This is 2015, after all, and I need to keep up with the times.

So, anyway, I hope that with your help, my pbnb readers, this should work out.  So, just please bear with me in this transition to the modern world of social media and blogging and who knows what else.

** You may also now use PAYPAL to make a contribution to the peoples 
bark news berkeley using your credit card.  This is a time-proven, 
safe system.  **
Click the below link or highlight the URL (link) and paste it into 
your address bar at the top of your browser.
Make a donation to peoples bark news berkeley here:

The struggle continues, as expected!


John Vance – Editor/Publisher/Compiler                                                                                              Peoples Bark News Berkeley


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